Steve & Jane Liu
Steve & Jane Liu's Fundraiser

Fund Enrichment Programs for our Baltimore City school!

Join me to make a tangible difference - give today!

$850 towards $750

Join me in supporting real change for kids in our Baltimore City school!

As you know, funding for schools fall short, and parents and the PTA have traditionally pitched in their own labor and funds to help ensure the school and teachers get the support they need. It's a sad situation but it's the reality of our American education system, that I hope to see change soon..

Until then, schools like Roland Park rely on big fundraising events like this for projects to make lasting and meaningful impact for students.

Last years' funds went towards renovating the playground and school yard. We couldn't grasp the impact this made for the kids until this year we saw the place-- a huge difference! It felt like the kids wanted to be there and they were having so much fun. And having fun at school while also doing the leaning is always a good thing. Thanks to people like YOU who gave a little-- it really went a long way!

This year, the target is Enrichment programs for the Elementary and Middle School.

So What is "Enrichment"? It includes things like:

  • The MyWord creative writing festival, promoting literacy for all
  • Field Trips to North Bay to learn about the environment, saying that there's a bigger world out there than just Baltimore City
  • Field Trips to Howard University encouraging a bigger vision for kids after high school
  • Field trips to the Museum of African American History
  • Field Trips to plays to supplement book readings to get kids excited about books
  • Field trips to Independence Hall
  • And much more!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for the ROLAND PARK ANNUAL FUND! Any little bit helps so any donations large or small is appreciated!

Steve, Jane, Paul & Grace