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Your contribution will allow for all students to continue to thrive as young scholars and leaders within our community.

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We are raising funds to help ease the impact of the enormous reduction to our school budget by reducing the number of positions eliminated


At Roland Park Elementary/Middle School we understand that lifelong learning happens when students have real world and hands-on experiences, and a supportive environment in which to reach their fullest potential. Academic skills and rich content along with physical, social, and emotional wellness are essential to each child's future success in school, higher education, and the workforce. Roland Park students deserve the opportunity to learn from the world around them and experience a well-rounded approach that serves the developmental needs of the whole child. Currently, our engaging academic and supplemental programming include: gifted and advanced learner services and courses, in-school and extended day instrumental music, a broad offering of special area classes, daily physical movement through a safe and structured recess, arts courses and arts integration across content areas, extra-curricular academic, athletic, and arts programming, social and emotional student supports, and hands-on learning experiences.

Under these difficult financial times, we are forced into a position that requires us to mobilize and respond with a multi-pronged action approach, both giving and advocacy. Giving at the school level will help preserve the student experience here at Roland Park and allow us to stay committed to the well-rounded education that we've worked so hard to develop and in which we see our students thriving. Advocacy at the local and state level by participation in rallies and holding elected officials accountable is also a critical necessity to preserve our school's vision and mission and also the quality of education for all students across the city.

At this time, with the unwavering support of our parent-driven Roland Park Annual Fund, we are initiating an immediate funding drive to help ease the impact of the enormous reduction to our school budget by hopefully reducing the number of positions eliminated. Maintaining as many positions as possible will allow greater capacity to successfully implement the important programs and practices identified above. To accomplish this, we are raising funds to off-set the cost of non-personnel spending in order to allow all allocated funds to build a staffing model designed to preserve as many programs as possible. These vital fundraising dollars will help us maintain a high level of instruction and programming in the immediacy. We must continue, however, to advocate and fight relentlessly for sufficient local and state funding so that our future school fundraising efforts can be allocated for materials and structures that support and enhance, rather than endeavoring to simply maintain, the Roland Park experience.

Our ambitious goal is to raise 200,000 dollars. I believe that as a school community -- as a school family -- we can meet and even exceed this goal. Your contribution will allow for all students to continue to thrive as young scholars and leaders within our community. RPEMS has a history of cultivating capable students, future leaders who go on to make a significant impact on our community through their personal and professional lives. The City of Baltimore needs and relies heavily on the success of our students, and our school's reputation as an institution that makes a positive impact on our greater community is well-earned through the exceptional effort and commitment of our entire school community. In order for our school to continue its tradition of academic excellence and intentional cultivation of a nurturing whole child experience, we need your support.

Please consider giving on a monthly basis to ensure RPAF can consistently support the educational objectives at RPEMS. Process your credit card donation above or email to set up monthly giving from your bank account. Checks can be mailed to to Roland Park Annual Fund, 5207 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210. Because Roland Park Annual Fund is part of The Alumni and Friends of Roland Park Elementary Middle School, a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization, your donation to RPAF is tax deductible.

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